Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I learned shopping this week

I haven't posted this week because I was waiting until I went to every store that I normally shop at so I could tell about all my exploits.

Lesson #1

The first thing I learned at Walmart was, do not take your husband and child with you if you intend to use coupons. I actually went back alone with Jack and was able to make sure all of my coupons went through, so I think the lesson is don't take a person along with you who is in a hurry. Two of my coupons didn't go through because the cashier was jabbering on about her allergies to grass, and she was swiping them and tossing them aside instead of paying attention to what did and didn't get accepted, meaning she would have to manually type it in the register.

I was trying to watch the screen, but Jack was yelling for something and trying to get down. As soon as she bagged the stuff, Jeremy picked it up and walked off and I was trying to keep up with him while reading my receipt so I would know for sure... I got cheated out of $3. Lesson learned.

Lesson #2

The extra care bucks (ECBs) at CVS are handed to you with your receipt. Still new to all this, I thought it would show up on my Extra Care card. Didn't know I needed the paper receipt thingy.

So, I've lost some, however, I got Clean and Clear Body Wash on sale for $2.99 (normally $5) and I had a buy one get one free coupon. So I paid $3.50 with tax and got $4 ECBs. Score! It's like they paid me .50 cents

Lesson #3

Buy things you don't need if it costs less than your coupon at Walmart. I bought 5 items that were cheaper than the coupons. They gave me the overage and I applied it to the one thing I went their to buy, plus it means I got two string cheese, two dental floss, and neutrogena makeup towelettes for free, plus it took $2 off the Crayola Color Wonder I got for Jack's Easter basket.

We also discovered today that a newspaper recycling bin is right in front of our neighborhood next to the mid-high. Yippee!

We are going to check it out and I will report back.

And here's two photos of my free things. :)

That's all for now.

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  1. I live in a small town and GOODNESS GRACIOUS!
    There is only 1 grocery store that sells papers and today, being Easter Sunday, the store was not opened.
    I actually went on CouponMom website to check things out and was gonna start today. :)